Special Thanks to Paige aka "Minx" for inspiring this amazing list & a special thanks to Amjara for the use of her fantastic screencaps!

Speaking Voices - Recorded in Los Angeles, CA


Samantha Newark as Jem/Jerrica


Cathianne Blore as Aja & Kimber


Marlene Aragon as Synergy & Jacqui Benton

Cindy McGee as Shana

Linda Dangcil as Raya

Michael Sheehan as Rio

Desiree Goyette as Danse

Noelle North as Video

T.K. Carter as Anthony Julian

Dan Gilvezan as Sean Harrison

Hazel Shermet as Mrs. Bailey

Jack Angel as Emmett Benton

Patricia Alice Albrecht as the speaking voice of Pizzazz

Samantha Paris (Bobbi Block) as Roxy

Susan Blu as Stormer & Lin-z Pierce

Charlie Adler as Eric Raymond, Zipper & Techrat

Louise Dorsey as Jetta

Catherine Cavadini as Clash

Townsend Coleman as the speaking voice of Riot

Kath Soucie as Minx

Ellen Gerstell as Rapture

Singing Voices - Recorded in New York, NY


Britta Phillips as the singing voice of Jem

Ellen Bernfeld as the singing voice of Pizzazz

Gordon Grody as the singing voice of Riot

Angela Cappelli as the singing voice of Jacqui Benton

Lani Groves As the singing voice of Stormer & Kimber

Ari Gold As the singing voice of Banee

Vicki Sue Robinson as the singing voices of Rapture & Minx

   Diva Gray             Florence Warner

Additional & Backing Vocals

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